The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) increased the maximum number of weeks under the PUA program from 50 to 79 weeks available beginning 3/14/2021 and ending 9/4/2021. As a result, claimants are eligible to receive additional PUA benefits beginning 3/14/2021 assuming they meet all other eligibility criteria.  Please note that PUA ends as of 9/4/2021, and no PUA benefits are available beyond that date. We are in the process of sending PUA Findings which will reflect the new maximum number of weeks available. If you exhausted PUA prior to 3/14/2021, additional weeks have been added to your claim. You will receive a Reconsidered PUA Finding at the time your certifications become available. Your Reconsidered PUA Finding, which can be located by clicking on View Correspondences, provides additional information. In addition, all claimants receiving PUA benefit payments 12/27/2020 and thereafter are required to provide employment evidence. Tax documents can be used to meet this requirement and do not need to be re-submitted if previously provided. Notices will be sent to those who need to provide employment evidence documentation. Failure to provide employment evidence will result in denial of benefits. If you certified Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (03/21, 03/22, or 03/23/2021) to receive payment for week ending March 20, 2021, your payment will be processed no later than Thursday evening as long as there are no pending issues holding payment.    


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